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Welcome to Association of Medical Device Industry which allows the Govt. and all stakeholders of Healthcare to access a single point of contact and a one common platform to address the needs & growth of Indian Medical Device Industry and work to create India as the Preferred Manufacturing Destination and Global Supply Source.

Comments invited for
Comments by AIMED on D&C Amendment Bill 2015
Vision Presentation Revised on 16.07.14
Study on Indian Medical Device Industry
“Proposed draft bill (IMDA) on Medical Device Regulation through Ministry of Science and Technology” – by Dr. G.S. Bhuvaneshwar
Please submit comments on “Proposed Export Guideline Note to DCGI”
Please submit comments on “Procedure for Issuing FSC – Dt. 26.02.09”
FSC – DGFT Revised Notification – Public Notice No.137 Dt. 19.01.09
Please submit comments on “Draft of Schedule M-III with Annexures
ANNEXURE – III (Product Design Dossier)
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AIMED Response to Budget 2009 (JULY 2009)
15000 crore Indian Medical Devices Market unifies the Industry (JAN 2009)
Seperate norms for medical devies (APR 2009)
Medical devices cos want single regulator (MAR 2009)
Medical Device firms ask for quality norms (JAN 2009)
Lack of medical devices regulation hurts exports (JAN 2009)
Ministries sqable over authority to regulate medical devices delaying bill (JAN 2009)
Medical device cos resent quality norms
Inspector raj gets booster shot with medical device (APR 2009).
Medical devices: Budget unveils moves to drive growth (March 2012)
BREAKING NEWS: IOM Committee On 510(k) Review Program: Dump It (July 2011)
Medical Device Makers Turn Traders in Absence of Regulations (September 2011)
SC dismisses SLP by health ministry for extending term of Surinder Singh as DCGI (21/10/11)
Ministry of MSME Allocates Fund For Barcode Implementation (February 2012)
Medical Devices Sector Looking for Direction (March 2012)
Recent Changes in Regulations Related to Clinical Trials Approved in India (May 2012)
CDSCO looking for complete transformation of regulatory system (July 2012)
Industry Wants Separate Dept. for Medical Devices to attract Investors
Affordable Medical Devices require much more than merely Capping their Prices
100% FDI in Brownfield Projects will Kill Domestic Medical Devices
Three Overlooked Reasons Why India's Healthcare Indicators remain Absymal - Page 1
Three Overlooked Reasons Why India's Healthcare Indicators remain Absymal - Page 2


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