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Company Name: Real Time Consultant  
 Type of Company :    
 Membership Desired : AI-MED
Primary Contact Information  Deputy Contact Information
 Name Suraj Kumar  Name Amrendra Kumar
 Address B-232/1 Cahtterpur Extension  Address B-232/1 Cahtterpur Extension
 Town Delhi  Town Delhi
 State Delhi  State Delhi
 Pin Code 110074  Pin Code 110074
 E-mail [email protected]  E-mail '[email protected]'
 Tel No. 9350831213  Tel No. 9322245924
 Fax No. 011-67013456  Fax No. 011-67013456
 Mobile No. 9350831213  Mobile No. 9322245924
Manufacturers Info      
Classification of Product    
ISO 13485 Certification No Year
Manufacturing License No Year
Free Sale Certificate MOH No Year
Free Sale Certificate DGFT No Year
Year of Incorporation    
No. of Employees 0-50 Turnover 0-5 Cr.
Products List      
  01.03.01 Dialysis equipment
  01.03.02 Electro- therapy equipment
  01.03.03 Implants and protheses
  01.03.04 Infusion technology equipment
  01.03.05 Inhaler and aerosol appliances
  01.03.06 Cardiac therapy equipment
  01.03.07 Cryotherapy / Cryosurgery equipment
  01.03.08 Laser therapy equipment
  01.03.09 Lithotripsy equipment
  01.03.10 Stimulation equipment for diagnostics / therapy
  01.03.11 Electromagnetic wave equipment / Biofeedback systems
  01.03.12 Equipment for treatment with gases
  01.03.13 Transcutaneous nerve stimulation
  01.03.14 Ultrasonic Therapy Equipment
  01.03.15 Ultraviolet and infrared radiation equipment
  01.03.16 Thermotherapy systems
  01.06.01 Hot air apparatus
  01.06.02 Sterilisation and disinfection equipment and accessories / autoclaves
  01.06.03 Sterilisation disinfection services
  02.03 Incubators
  02.05 Filtration systems
  02.08 Laboratory refrigerators and cooling systems
  02.10 Laboratory equipment
  02.12 Microtomes
  02.14 Pumps and valves for laboratories
  02.15 Cleaning equipment (laboratory)
  02.16 Rotatory evaporators
  02.17 Agitators
  02.18 Shaking and mixing units
  02.22 Centrifuges