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Membership Details
Members Bsic Info    
Company Name: Phoenix Medical Systems (P) Ltd  
 Type of Company :    
  Medical Device Manufacturer  
 Membership Desired : AI-MED, IMDRRG
Primary Contact Information  Deputy Contact Information
 Name V. Sashi Kumar  Name R. Athikesavan
 Address 32/4, J.N. Salai, Ekkattuthangal,  Address DP 42, SIDCO Industrial Estate, Thirumudivakkam,
 Town Chennai  Town Chennai
 State Tamil Nadu  State Tamil Nadu
 Pin Code 600 097  Pin Code 600 044
 E-mail  E-mail
 Tel No. 044 - 2225 1177  Tel No. 044 - 2478 1705
 Fax No. 044 - 2223 0194  Fax No. 044 - 2478 0122
 Mobile No. 0 93805 71150  Mobile No. 0 98844 32005
Manufacturers Info      
Classification of Product A, B, C    
ISO 13485 Certification Yes Year 2005
CE MARK Yes Year 2008
Manufacturing License No Year
Free Sale Certificate MOH No Year
Free Sale Certificate DGFT Yes Year 2009
Year of Incorporation 1989    
No. of Employees 50-100 Turnover 5-10 Cr.
Products List      
  01.09.05 Neonatal care equipment
  Neonatal and Maternal Care Products
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